Monday, December 19, 2005

It’s been a little over a month since I last posted so I figured an update was in order. Homeschooling all three children has gone fairly well and definitely much better than I expected. I’m still trying to figure out what exactly to have BB do for high school but thanks to the local homeschool group it’s coming together little by little.

Last month we had two field trips. The first one was to the Museum of Science and Natural History. Lil Man of course loved the dinosaurs that took up half of the second floor but we luckily were able to get him to look at other exhibits as well. I made sure BB and Sis explored (in a hands on sense) everything, listened, asked questions, and prepared themselves for a report I was going to have them write. I also took lots of pictures so I can put together a scrapbook and also so the kids can look back over everything they saw. After we left we talked about our day and I was really happy with how much the two oldest paid attention.

The second field trip was to a monument/park nearby with the homeschool group. A park ranger took us on a 2 ½ mile walk explaining everything to us, letting the children ask questions, and trying to make it interesting. I took lots of pictures again so we could discuss what we saw once we got home. I also had the oldest two children do another report so I could find out just how much they understood and took in from the experience. Sis definitely learned more than Big B on this one.

Big B has been regularly going to the Tuesday Teen Group and has made a few friends. So far they have bowled, watched two movies, and played games at one of the teen’s home. Of course, every outing also includes the teens going out for pizza. Lucky devils. :) Big B also still journals daily, does current events, writes reports, and we’ve done something on every subject including a little math. He will be starting Algebra after the New Year and continuing that until around July. I figure we will stick with the four subjects per semester schedule that he was on before we moved. This way he focus on only a few things for several months before he goes on to the rest of his subjects. If you think about it, college is set up this same way and it’s good practice for him. He seems to like homeschooling and is always coming up with new ideas for us. It’s such a relief although he says he is still going to use this to blame me in therapy when he’s grown just because it sounds like fun. LOL. Rotten snot!

Sis has also made friends at the Thursday Group and loves hanging out with the other girls her age. Teaching her anything though is always a struggle. She doesn’t want to have to DO anything. She is usually a week behind in journaling, won’t pick a current event, takes a week to write a report, and if you leave her alone she will only read maybe one book a month. It’s very frustrating for me because I want her to succeed so badly. It’s also hard because both of the boys love reading like I do and it’s hard to imagine in a way someone not wanting to read all the time. I’m still trying though and hopefully something will work for us soon. I just wish she would see her own potential and all that I see in her.

This week I get to teach them about Winter Solstice and the true meanings of a lot of the traditions celebrated at Christmastime. I’m very excited to put it mildly.

SpiralScouts is going well. I took Lil Man back for a second time and he did much better so I’m hoping he settles in and down as he gets use to things. Sis is going to be the Promise Officer for the month of January and the children are going to work on their Fire Safety Badge so it should be fun. So far, Big B will not bend on being one of the first in the teen group for SpiralScouts but you can’t blame a mom for trying can you?

In January, the oldest two will be taking science classes for the semester at the local museum. One of the ladies from the homeschool group set it up and it sounds like it will be a wonderful learning experience for them. It lasts 14 weeks, is once a week, and the cost is honestly so minimal I can’t pass it up. So that will take care of a large part of our science studies for next semester. We have also decided that we are going to start our volunteer work in January or February (I'd LOVE to do something for Valentine's) and start out by doing something for the local nursing home.

So that’s it. Off to teach Home Ec now (aka bake some cookies) and enjoy my kids.