Wednesday, March 1, 2006

He's Who Among American High School Students!

We just got confirmation today that my son, Big B, is going to be in the upcoming issue of Who's Who Among High School Students due out in September.

I'm so proud of him and I think this was a huge boost to his ego at a time when he really needed it. This also comes at a very important time for us as the one year anniversary of his cancer surgery is coming up.

It will just be his biography in the book since we didn't see the sense in sending in a pic during the nomination period. So you won't get to see a picture of his handsome face but he will be there just the same. From what I've read a teacher or other leader has to nominate the students for this meaning one of his teachers thought he was an extraordinary student. That is so nice to hear and I really wish we knew which teacher nominated him so we can thank them.

The fun part? Our homeschool name will be listed in his biography so this means a homeschooling kid has made it into the book. He was nominated by a public school teacher but when we got the nomination we were homeschooling. I don't know how many other homeschoolers have been in it but I think every single one we can get is a big bonus for us.

So I'm not bragging just sharing and spreading my joy and pride.