Saturday, March 18, 2006

We've Covered The Arts.

Last weekend we went to the local Arts and Crafts Fair here in town. My hope was that the children would be able to see and appreciate several different forms of art. Well it went so so. They hated being there but after awhile at least found things they liked.

There were a few artisians who were actually at work as you passed by and it was them that I asked to explain how they make the things they make. Several people were nice enough to oblige me. A lady showed them how she forms the bottom of her pottery and imprints herbs on the sides of them as her trademark. She also gave the little guy a lump of clay to play with.

Another lady let us watch her make baskets and explained what materials she uses and how she picks the patterns. A gentleman explained how him and his wife make handblown glass items and even told of a place that lets you watch it being done. And finally, we were able to watch a lady using oil crayons to draw a wolf picture.

The week was a pretty mellow one so nothing exciting to share. Big B went to see his gf perform in her dance recital yesterday. He got me on this one because usually I'd say "no" to stuff like this (gf/date type stuff) but it IS the only way I could ever get him to watch one or do more than just read about things soooooo, I was over the barrel this time. He reported afterwards that he really enjoyed it (and not just because she was in it). He said the first show or two was mostly for the little kids but even they were cute and fun. Big B actually remembered ALL of it and came home with a program to save. I would have loved to take the younger two kids but at $12 a ticket it adds up with four of us. :(

I had also planned on going to the first Hawkwatch at one of the libraries yesterday. I figured since Big B is studying birds that he might enjoy this as well but he didn't want to get up. They have it again next Saturday so we will try then. Honestly, I think we will all enjoy it.

Other than the TV getting broken things here have been fairly mellow on the homeschool front. That's probably because life is so busy on the medical front. lol. Everyone is doing good and around here that is rare but wonderful!