Tuesday, April 18, 2006

1.5 Miles My Butt!

I know, nice name for a first post but if you had gone on the hike we went on two weeks ago you would feel the same way. Trust me!

The oldest two kids and I decided to try our luck on the local Hawktrail. Supposedly this is a 1.5 mile uphill hike to a summit where twice a year (during migration) you can see over 100 hawks and raptors a day. My oldest son is studying raptors so we thought this sounded like a great way to get some exercise, spend time together, learn, and see some birds.

So we gathered our gear (water, lunch, watch, phone, my injection kit, binoculars, camera, and extra meds) and drove out to the parking spot at the foot of the mountain. Before we started I covered both kids in sunscreen and dabbed a little on myself as well. It was a beautiful day and perfect for hikes or doing really anything outside.

So we were on our way and first of all, it is at least a quarter mile to the point where you even start on the hawktrail which isn’t a big deal especially since it’s flat ground but it would be nice to know ahead of time. Secondly, they rate the path as difficult which to me means long, possibly rocky, and uphill. What it obviously is suppose to mean is long, very narrow in most places, tons of lose dirt to slip on, cactus waiting for you to make even the slightest mistep, very rocky, and uphill doesn’t even describe it! LOL.

It really was very hard to do but we honestly had a good time. We joked, talked, and encouraged each other to keep going. Sissy and I were panting and hacking like a couple of old biddys but Big B was hiking like a champ and constantly going ahead of us. In the end, he is the only one who finished the hike. We had already gone two miles (isn’t that more than 1.5 miles? Yep I thought so too.) when a lady coming down the hill informed us that it was another half a mile straight up over some rocks to the top. I just couldn’t do it (due to health issues not to laziness) and Sissy just wasn’t having it either.

So Big B went on ahead and we decided that we would finish if it wasn’t too much further. He came back shaking his head and shouting “Turn Around!!” which let us know that the uphill part of our hike was definately over. After he got back to us we had lunch on a little rock, talked about all the things we saw, and then started back down the mountain. We couldn’t help but laugh because in some places you had to run down the hill in order to keep from slipping on the gravel and loose dirt. The funny part was seeing my big ole fanny actually running!

Afterwards we went and got ice cream to reward ourselves and went home where I proceeded to take a nap and feel like the living dead. All in all I consider it a success and we now look forward to more family hikes together. Before this the thought of US and HIKING just never really came in the same sentence. I’m glad we now have something new to do together.

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