Sunday, September 3, 2006

A Cool Unschooling MeMe

I’ve seen all the homeschooling memes going around and wanted to join in but at least half of the questions usually don’t apply to us and our kind of homeschooling. I would say we are definately eclectic because we use part unschooling theory and part homeschooling theory. We don’t follow any one style and just pick and choose what works for us.

So I saw that A Room Of Our Own had done an Unschooling Meme (that PhatMommy came up with) and since this one I can relate to more, I’m doin’ it!

1) ONE FIELD TRIP YOUR CHILD LEARNED A LOT FROM- The field trip we took to a wolf sanctuary in March. The kids learned alot about wolf rescue, their behavioral habits, the kind of abuse that people put them through, and why it’s important to care about them. It was a wonderful experience.

2) THE GAME/TOY THAT’S GIVEN YOU THE MOST EDUCATION MILEAGE- That’s a hard one because several have been used extensively. Our electronics lab is used alot, Monopoly is their fave board game, and we all love Apples to Apples (thanks Meg).

3) ORDINARY HOUSEHOLD ITEM THAT’S GIVEN YOU THE MOST EDUCATION MILEAGE- That would be a tie between Animal Planet on the TV (who knew dust mites were so icky!) and the measuring cups which have been a huge help in teaching Sis about fractions while cooking. I try to keep away from the TV but I do have to admit that when we watch Animal Planet we learn alot of really neat stuff.

4) NAME THREE MAGAZINES/BOOKS ON YOUR COFFEE TABLE- Well we don’t have a coffee table (takes up too much floor space) but magazines/books we have around all the time would be National Geographic, Lil Man’s Dr Seuss books, and one of my Fibromyalgia books unfortunately.

5) ONE SKILL YOUR CHILD LEARNED FROM GROCERY SHOPPING- Just one? Comparing prices, division, multiplication, and figuring out which is the better deal by price per ounce. Also how to make lists (because we all know I’m big on list making) and categorizing. I couldn’t do just one sorry.

6) ONE RESOURCE YOU THOUGHT ABOUT BUYING, BUT THEN REALIZED YOUR CHILD COULD LEARN THAT INFORMATION JUST BY LIVING LIFE- A curriculum period. When I started I thought I had to buy a curriculum in order to do things “right” but thankfully we were too broke at the time to afford anything so that is when I started figuring what each child really needed and how to help them the best. I learned to trust them on some things, guide them on others, and use my money saving skills to get the resources we needed.

7) AMOUNT OF MONEY YOU’VE SAVED BY NOT PURCHASING CURRICULUM- I couldn’t tell you to be honest because I don’t really think about it. I can definately say for sure though that we’ve not only saved money but also saved ourselves alot of headache because I don’t think this family would fit well with a curriculum.

Only seven questions? Bummer, I was just getting on a roll. lol