Friday, September 8, 2006

Okay So Maybe We’ll Start NEXT Week

My plan was to start our new “school year” the day after Labor Day. I tried to be all organized and suave about things but OY did it ever not go the way I thought! LOL

Last week we were able to finish the covers of our Book of Centuries, buy our Nature Sketchbooks, and that was about it. I had planned on doing all these really neat things for the first week “back” and then thanks to a new medication and fibro flare up that all went down the toilet. So instead the kids learned more about Fibromyalgia, Chronic Myofascial Pain, and Adrenal Insufficiency. lol. Can I count that as Science?

This week they learned about house hunting, figuring how much mortgage would be, banking, weekly grocery shopping, figuring out how many miles to the gallon that gas hog of a van gets, and that Mom is a lousy cook when she’s sick. They also learned that a person CAN go three days with only a total of six hours of sleep but at the end of it they will crash out for 12 hours straight (hubby had a hard week this week).

So how do I transcribe that into actual learning? lol.

Next week though we have to get going because Big B has to catch up on his Algebra if he wants to attend the community college program in the Spring and I found a folder filled with worksheets that Sis didn’t do throughout the year that has to be done before I can go on with the stuff she chose this year. *sigh* The Lil Man is easy just give him some crayons and paper and he’s good to go.

On Monday this blog will hopefully be more interesting and worth reading. I still want to be her when I grow up but I’ll do the best I can. lol