Sunday, September 24, 2006

Well Now It’s Official…

My daughter received her first set of practice poi from some friends of ours for her birthday last week so she is more determined than ever to be a fire-spinner.

She has decided against being a bellydancing fire-spinner though since there is a higher chance of catching on fire that way. lol. Gauzy skirts and veils with spinning balls of fire on the end of chains just don’t go well together. So now she will just spin fire and do tricks with the poi. When she bellydances though she will now use burning fans.

*falling over laughing hard*

I know some of you are saying “How in the world can she think something like that is funny”? Well to be honest the whole thing scared me to death at first because my daughter is usually very clumsy. When she saw K spinning a spark lit up in her eyes but I just figured she could spin unlit and that would be the end of it.

The thing is though that my usually clumsy daughter is very good at spinning. She also literally comes alive when she’s taking her lessons from K and is so happy and in her element that it would be more negligent of me to not allow her than it would to allow her. I think knowing the friends and seeing how it works for them has put me more at ease.

Yes, there is some danger and risk in it but I have seen that if it’s done currently with the proper fire safety it is really very safe. Besides, for now she is learning to spin without fire and won’t be allowed to try it lit until she and I both are sure she is ready. That could be in six months or a year or by then she might decide she’s not so interested after all. We will see and that is another reason why I am taking it one day at a time.

The bellydancing with lit fire fans as shown in the pic here? Heck, I might just try that one myself!