Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hellooooooooo Unschooling!

I am happy to say that I am no longer a nervous wreck when it comes to the thought of teaching my high schooler. To be honest, it's been a blast so far and something I look forward to. I also did lots of reading, thinking, and talking to the kids and realized that Unschooling would be well worth a try.

So I told each of the kids to decide two or three subjects that they wanted to learn about and that even though we would keep doing a few things we've been doing daily they were to learn everything they could about their chosed subjects and at the end of a month impress the hell out of me. Sissy chose cooking and math which surprised me because she hates math. Big B chose skateboarding, Norse Mythology, and Algebra. He totally cheated on the Norse Mythology thing because that is one of his favorite things to learn about anyway but as long as he's happy then I am too.

The things they had to continue to do was their daily journal (but they could write about their day or keep having me give them topics), their weekly Karma Card, and then we'd keep some sort of schedule as far as activities or days we did things went. That way it wasn't total caos around here.

For Big B it seems to be working really well. He's enjoying doing what he wants when he wants and I never have to get on him. He goes to his Teen Group on Mondays, Science Class on Tuesdays, he does a Teacher's Aide kind of thing with his little brother (does a learning activity with him for 1/2 hour to an hour) on Tuesdays as well, we to to the Library on Wednesdays, Thursdays is our homeschool group, and Fridays are our field trip days. All the other subjects are spread out over the week and we spend as little or as much time on them as we want. There's also lots of free time to read or do whatever they want.

Did I mention that we figured out that Big B read about 200 books last year? He's already read around 30 this month and shows no signs of stopping. He's pretty excited that he can do all these subjects and take all these classes and actually have FUN while preparing for college. I really wish I had known about homeschooling when he was little. *sigh*

For Sissy it's not going so well. Even when you let her choose what she wants to do she gives you crap about it. She fights me on everything! She picks cooking so I tell her she needs to learn about different kinds of cooking, how cooking has evolved over time, maybe figure out her favorite kind of food, learn some fractions, and maybe cook a few things. So what does she do? She looks for cookbooks, picks some recipes, and expects me to hand over the kitchen to her. I ask her if she knows how to make half of what the recipe calls for in case she is only cooking for one or two. I get an eyeroll and told that she can just make the recipe and then throw half of the stuff away. Ummm I don't flippin' think so! Then she gets ticked off because I ask her what her favorite ethnic food is. She just doesn't want to put ANY effort into anything and I'm seriously at a loss with her. :(

Lil Man is just enjoying playing and hanging out. I've gotten a few things for him lately so we can do some fun learning too. I bought some plastic frogs and snakes to use for counting, some number flashcards, I colored some macaroni in four different colors to use for counting, artwork. and games...just stuff like that. I figure this way it also makes it easier for Big B to figure out what he's going to do with the lil guy during his teaching time.

Me? Well I'm on the go everyday and trying to be a good little organized homeschooling mommy. So far, I'm hit and miss. LOL. Some days I got it and some days I don't. Having cancer and missing organs really puts a damper on things because I'm tired nonstop but I'm working on it. I am having fun though and enjoying the change in my kids from when they were in public school. It's nice having my kids like me and me like them.