Monday, February 27, 2006

Life Just Happening...

I can honestly say I don't have some long drawn out boring post this time. The kids are doing their own thing and it seems to be going alright. A few weeks ago, Big B said he is bored as hell and had even said he wanted to go back to public school. It honestly broke my heart. The first thing I did was email Meg (who called me later and helped so much) because I figured she would have some words of wisdom that would help. Of course, she did. Later I told Big B that yes, it is very boring right now with homeschooling because I'm still trying to figure out what he wants and needs. I think he is just totally blown away by the fact that I am asking him what he wants to learn and letting him shape his own life instead of telling him what to study. The kid is smart and he doesn't need me shoving crap down his throat.

Sissy still would rather stare at her walls than do anything at all. Unless it's on the computer of course. I have half a mind to hand the thing to her in pieces and tell her that if she can put it back together then she can play her games on here whenever she wants. lol. I'm lucky in the fact that the games are educational but it's all she wants to do. She doesn't want to measure anything for cooking yet she wants to cook. She doesn't want to have to read the whole recipe but she expects to make a gourmet dinner. WTH? I keep trying though and watching her so eventually I know something will come out of it all.

On the 15th they made Valentine's card boxes for our homeschool group the next day. Yes, we know V Day was the 14th but sheesh that's why it's homeschooling- when you want how you want. ;) Anywho- each of the kids won a little award certificate and some candy. It was alot of fun seeing all of the group kids' boxes. Another plus to homeschooling because in public schools my kids always had to make pretty much the same thing as everyone else and couldn't get too creative. Heck, Big B wouldn't have even done a box if he was still in pubschool.

Big B made a "hobo" box. He taped everything and anything he could find to a box. He had bottle caps, a used match, his dad's boarding pass from his last flight, a parking pass, toilet paper, wrappers, and I think he even cut out something from a Red Bull can. LOL. It looked awful to be honest but it was still funny. He won several prizes for it and I know in part it's because several of the girls at group like him which made it even funnier.

Sissy made a small simple "box" out of a two liter bottle and won an award for smallest box. She tries so hard to make everything perfect and by doing so misses all the fun. I wish I could make it different for her because I hate seeing her stress herself at 11. :( I thought her box was very cute though and I'm glad she was able to finish one despite her OCD issues. I think I need to get a little more creative in helping her as well.

Lil Man didn't make his box, I did. I made a Thomas the Tank Engine box and he won two awards as well even though I told everyone I made it. lol. I guess parents were allowed to have boxes too but I had just wanted something for the little guy to put his cards in. :)

I think all the kids who made boxes got an award thanks to Meg and her consideration. Nobody felt left out and they all seemed to have alot of fun which was nice. I'll have to post pictures once I get off my butt and take them. That is IF the kids still have their boxes.

Okay so I lied, it IS a long post afterall but then again I am very long winded.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

I Survived Teen Group 2006!

That is what I'm having embroidered onto a t-shirt for myself after having hosted the homeschool teen group at our house this past Monday. You see, I decided to host it here because I figured if Meg could do it (a fellow homeschooler that I adore and who is LEAVING ME in June!) then heck I could handle it too. What I was thinking is "Well only 4 or 5 kids show up when Meg has hosted and they all looked so calm that I think I could handle this". That was such a mistake!

Four or five ended up turning into around FIFTEEN kids in my house plus a total of five moms. I kid you not! I had twenty people in my house for three hours straight and the miracle of it all is we almost made it without anything breaking. Almost. I was very thankful for the other moms staying but not because it helped deter rowdiness. I was thankful because it gave me an extra chance to talk to other adults!! LOL

Thankfully it all turned out alright and the kids honestly did great. They sat around playing video games, using my oldest son as a dress up doll (a 14yo boy surrounded by girls putting things in his hair and telling him to wear pink. The first part was a teen boys dream come true... the hair and pink were just things he had to do to get the first part. ), played a few board games, ate pizza, and then ate cupcakes because it was one of the girl's 13th birthday. The shocking thing was we ordered nine pizzas and ended up with five of them left. That was a surprise!

The only casualty of the day was my son's bedroom door handle that was broken when the girls got a little too rowdy but ordering a new one was pretty easy and here it is Thursday and it's already replaced. Can't beat that! Hubby grumbled about it for a bit, pointed out that HE had thought this was all a bad idea, and then we got into the fact that he didn't even get me so much as a card for VDay. Yeah, order the handle and zip the lip if you want to live buddy! ;)

So even though we won't be doing that again (only because it's just way too many kids in a closed in setting. If I had a yard it would be different) I think it was a great success. It was definately a lesson for me in the difference in homeschooled kids and public schooled ones. Before, Big B's friends would out and out ignore me, never take a second glance at the bookcase, and it would have ticked them off to have adults standing around even if we were basically ignoring them. With this group the kids were saying what books they had read, what authors they liked too, talked to me several times, and could have cared less if we moms were there.

Why didn't anyone tell me about homeschooling sooner? Ahhh all the wasted years.I'm serious about getting the shirt. Meg, I'll get you one too for being so brave as to have them over several times. ;)