Tuesday, June 13, 2006

He Might Go Back

The other day Big B informed me that he is thinking about going back to public high school. The reason he gave me is that he wants to play football and have a chance at going to college for it. The reason he gave a friend is that he is bored.

My feelings are that I hate the very idea of him going back. I didn’t like who he was at all while he was in public high school. He was rude, disrespectful, wanted nothing to do with his siblings, and could have cared less about learning anything. I dread losing who he has become to who he will again be.

I can’t help him with being bored though. He’s 15 years old and if he’s bored he should be finding things to do. I’m honestly getting tired of having to be the one to find things for him to join, volunteer for, and do. He puts no effort forth whatsoever. So if he’s bored it’s because he doesn’t care to try and I can’t fix that. I’ve tried to get him to join activities with other teens but he says he’s not interested. I’ve tried to give him opportunities to volunteer but he doesn’t want to try. I’m ending up severely frustrated by the whole thing.

So I told him to let me know by the end of July so I know what the rest of us are doing. I don’t want to sign him up for any of the homeschooling classes if he’s not going to be around. I also think it’s only fair to give the folks at the Wildlife Rescue enough notice that he won’t be volunteering anymore.

I hope he changes his mind before then but I won’t hold my breath. This just sucks plain and simple.

Sis has no desire though to go back to public school. I think the humiliation and horror of the first time was more than enough for her. Now that she knows she doesn’t HAVE to go there she is more comfortable. To be honest, I think she’s happier than she’s been in a very long time. She has friends who like her for who she is and who don’t try to get her to dress like a hoochie. She has input to what she learns about and how. She loves her volunteer work and she has her own dogwalking business so she has some extra spending money as well. Things seem to be going very well for her and it’s because she’s doing things for herself.

Lil Man is cruising right along in everything. We’ve already covered all but ten things on a list of what kids learn in preschool. The funny part is that we’ve learned everything just by having fun and from him wanting to play school. I’m very excited about how our homeschooling journey will go since I get to start from the beginning with him. I think it’s going to be alot of fun and might even teach me how to relax more.