Wednesday, March 28, 2007

We Should Study…

anything having to do with medicine because as much as I get sick these kids would have a degree by now! OY!! This time it’s only allergies or a sinus infection though so not a big deal.

I’m still working on putting together the unit study plus I’m trying to incorporate Spring into our studies just for fun. Thanks to Theresa at Lapaz Farm we signed up at Tomatosphere for their “blind” test and today we received our seed packets! I’m hoping we will get them planted and get started this week. Yet another reason why I love having other homeschoolers to share and learn from.

Big B has been using Shakespeare’s MacBeth for his Copywork lately and really seems to enjoy it. He’s even considering trying to get some other teens together to do an Act or two from it. I’m not sure how successful he’ll be getting others to join in but I commend him for wanting to try.
As yet we haven’t been able to meet up with the homeschool group I posted about but I have emailed and talked with one of the ladies and we get along well so if the others are even half as cool as her, we’ll do fine. It seems like a great group who actually enjoys doing things so I’m even more excited now!

Sis has been doing alot of worksheets lately (her choice) and I’m proud of her for continuing even though most of them are in Math and that is her hated subject. Thankfully she’s not like her mother (who turned in her book at the beginning of 9th grade and just took a “D” for the semester. LOL) and I hope it all eventually clicks for her. I found out they have free tutoring at the local library so I may start taking her to that each week.

As for me, I will finally be beginning a Tai Chi class the second week of April. They’re having a free weekly class at one of the community centers so I have no excuses not to go. I’m hoping this helps me cope with some of the pain better and even if it doesn’t, I’ve always wanted to try Tai Chi so now is my chance.

Also, the kids and I went to a Fishing Derby last Saturday. It was an experience to say the least. We mostly just went so Lil Man could go fishing and I’m afraid we only lasted about an hour because it was very very C-O-L-D! I have to admit that I was the first to wimp out but I sucked it up until Lil Man announced “This stinks, I’m not catching fish and I’m cold. Let’s go home and have hot cocoa”! Yep, works for me.

I think they have an egg hunt coming up in a week or two. We’ll hit that since it’s more our speed anyway. lol.