Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Black Thumb Of Death Strikes Again!!!

I told you everyone in this family has a black thumb didn't I? All the seeds we planted started out nicely and really would have done fine but we put off planting them. Then it started to rain here. Then it started to rain ALOT here. Our backyard is nothing but sand. Believe it or not sand likes to be blown around by the wind. Said sand smothered our seedlings.

What did we do? Not go outside to touch them for two days after that. LOL. We are such lazy gardeners!

So no Eggplant, Blue Boys, Marigolds, or Spinach for us this year. Also, NEVER buy one of those strawberry kits for $9.98 from Walmart because they are junk. So no Strawberries for us this year either. THAT one makes me sad. :(

The Tomato plants from the Tomatosphere experiment are doing very well though. They are growing strong and healthy! YAY!! I am also happy to report that MonkeyBoy's mixed flower seeds are doing very well also. His first flower bloomed a few days ago and the look on his face was absolutely priceless! I will have to take pictures to include in this post soon so be sure to check back soon.