Friday, September 7, 2007

Game Review: Pegs In The Park

*previously posted at Sona Creidhe Reviews but I wanted to make sure I share it with the homeschool community*

Recently JAX Games (also known as Jax LTD Inc) sent my family not one but TEN of their games to have fun with and then give our honest opinions on. Considering the games they sent, they made my job really easy.As soon as the games arrived, Lil Man went through them and his very first choice was Pegs In The Park.

The rules of this game are really simple- everyone chooses a Peg game piece, each player draws one of 44 cards with a positive or negative number on it during their turn, and then everyone moves their Peg the number the card shows either forward or back on their own path to be the first one to get to the Ice Cream truck in the middle.
Lil Man loved reading the numbers on the cards (which is something new for him) and he really liked competing against the rest of us.

Anyone who knows my youngest by now knows the kid won more times than anyone else on this game as well.

Pros Of This Game-

*Teaches number recognition and counting
*No reading to make it hard on younger kids
*No small game pieces for siblings to swallow (including dice)
*Competitive yet fun
*No name brand characters making you feel like a sell out
*Fun for some kids to even play alone (yes mine did that)
*A great addition for teachers or homeschoolers to a Unit Study on Counting, Number Recognition, or even Ice Cream. You could even intigrate it as part of a LapBook or NoteBook (homeschooling lingo)

Cons Of This Game-

*The pieces are a little hard at times for kids to put in the holes due to the fact that the holes are small and spaced close together.MY Advice? Maybe the company could make bigger bottoms on the game pieces and thus slightly bigger (maybe fewer) holes to put them in. This would make it easier for little hands to find the holes and fit in the pegs.

My honest opinion of this game is that it was fun and definitely educational as well. Jax Games has done well with this game- good price, being educational, and entertainment value.

Pegs In The Park is available at Amazon and most online board game stores. For more information about this and other games please visit their website.


Andrew said...

Nice review, Jo! I may actually check this out. It looks somewhat similar to Thomas: Making Tracks game that my 4-year-old loves. (You have to build your own track with small pieces and then move along the track... but the pieces have little pegs in the bottom similar to this). That one's purely based on colors though, no numbers. And he's a counting/adding fiend these days, so this could be great for him. Especially if there's an ice cream truck in it. :)