Friday, September 7, 2007

A Real Post. Shocking I Know

I'm sorry to post back to back reviews on you. I like sharing with the rest of you great stuff I come across but I'm definately not turning this into a review blog. If you would like to see educational product reviews please keep checking my Sona Creidhe Reviews blog. I have 87 companies I'm doing reviews for and ALOT of great stuff to share with you.

Every review is my honest opinion and if I think something is junk I will tell you so. I'm not going to lie to you and say something is great if it quite frankly sucks. ;)

Our new year of homeschooling is going slowing. I've been so busy (and sick I'm afraid) that we've been piecing it together as we go. I'm happy to say though that Big B and Sis are actually doing work on their own now. Big B took a bunch of textbooks I got for free to his room and started going through them. I loved it when he said "Those are boring and leave out so much!". hehe My evil plan is working!!!! Just kidding. Sis is reading everyday and even doing MATH on her own. It's scary I tell you!

Thanks to doing reviews I have everything I need to teach MonkeyBoy this year. I still don't believe in organized school for kids his age so he is just enjoying playing with stuff as it comes in and he is learning so much. We received a Leapster from one company along with some other things and he is just learning in leaps and bounds with them all. He even showed me the other night that he knows numbers by sight now. *tear* I was so excited and it hit me so hard. Here I have been worrying over how to teach him these things in a fun way and he already knows!

So my little family is doing well. I hope to get on the ball with HSing very soon and I'm actually trying to do this thing called "ORGANIZING" this year. It's an amazing concept. hehe


Andrew said...

You are honestly making my head spin what with your 900 different blogs and you hopping from one to the other on any given day! :) Heh. I need you to make an idiot button for your site that clearly lists out all your sites with clickable links so I can always find your sites wihtout thinking too much. Cause that does hurt...

But nice to see a regular post from ya and sorry you're still not feeling great. Your kids sound awesome though. So great that they're helping each other out and really seem interested in... gasp... learning. Guess someone (honestly I don't know who...) is raising them right.