Sunday, February 25, 2007

Trying To Catch Up

I guess it’s about time I try to dust this blog off and catch up a little, hmmm? My absence hasn’t been due to laziness though and I apologize to the people who use to regularly read this blog. I just spent the last two months sick nonstop and being able to get online or post to anything was the last thing I could do.

In mid-December we moved into our very first house (buying) and of course, instead of being sensible and taking things slowly the hubby and I rushed moving everything ourselves. He ended up with an achy back and I ended up with adrenal crisis(I have no adrenal glands/adrenal insufficiency). Spent a week feeling soso and then the kids and I attended a playgroup and Lil Man brought home stomach flu which proceeded to make its way around the whole family. Lil Man had it for a few days, then Big B for 24 hours, Sis only got it a little as did Vin, and then it came to ME. Ugh. I was sick for almost three weeks because along with that came adrenal crisis two more times. As soon as I was finished with that there were other things to deal with, then migraines for two weeks, and so on. LOL.

During those two months “schoolwork” was very light but it was nice to watch the oldest two kids work on their own and find new ways of learning. Big B worked on his Algebra and US History during that time and is trying to get into the dual program at the college this summer. Sis found out that she LOVES to learn about History… as long as it’s through the Dear America books series. After she read the first one she wanted to read ALL of them so she’s been working her way through the books as well as learning more about the subjects of the books. For instance, one book was about Suffragate so she read the book and then went in search of more information about what it was like women trying to win the right to vote as well as about the important women involved.

I was shocked to say the least because Sis usually doesn’t like anything having to do with extra effort. I’m proud of her for not only being so interested but also going beyond just the information in the books.

Lil Man can spell his name now. He doesn’t write it in a line everytime but he can form each letter and tell you what it is. He is so proud of himself and loves to sign anything he can get ahold of.

As far as the new house goes… well we all hate it and regret buying it but it’s too late now. It has so many problems that we didn’t know about before plus my husband is for some reason just now realizing that living 25 miles outside of Albuquerque is a pain in the butt. Gee, didn’t see that one coming. Anyway- the homeschool group out here is pretty much worthless and we can’t afford to drive into town very often so the kids and I have been isolated out here with not much to do. It sucks and I’m hoping that something changes soon.

So that’s it. I’ve just been too ill to sit at a computer and type so I haven’t been able to update. Due to other problems with my health right now I won’t be able to post alot but hopefully the kids will start typing up and posting for me. Hey, it teaches them Language skills, Reading, and and… well it’s learning darnit! lol

Take care and I will try to post again soon.