Thursday, April 26, 2007

Happy 16th Birthday, Big B

I usually write a post each year on the kids’ birthdays at our Life With Heathens blog so instead of posting the same thing here I will just give you the link if you would like to read it.

Sweet 16 For WHO?!

For those of you who don’t frequent our LWH blog, heathens does not mean anything having to do with any religion. It’s used in the context of “my rotten little kids”. They are my heathens.

Here’s a perfect example of a heathen! lol

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

They LIVE!!!

The tomato seeds (and other seeds) we planted almost two weeks ago that is. It sounds goofy but the kids and I are ecstatic over this because we all have black thumbs. We fully expected everything to either not grow at all or die quickly.

On April 3rd, Lil Man and I planted a small pot of mixed seed flowers just for him. He talked about how big his flowers were going to grow and how pretty they would be. The Grim Plant Killer hangs over this family so heavily that while he was dreaming about his plant, I was trying to think where I could buy a small potted plant in a week or two so he wouldn’t know his had died. Bad mommy, I know.

The next day we started our Tomatosphere experiment. Two days earlier I had gone to Blahmart and bought one of those Jiffy Greenhouse Kits along with a strawberry plant kit, and some organic garden soil for when we transplanted the seedlings outside. Tomatosphere suggested peat pellets and I have to say that the Jiffy kit is a lifesaver if you totally stink at gardening!

We planted the tomato seeds, spinach seeds, Blue Boy seeds, and Marigold seeds in the greenhouse kit on April 4th. The way the kit works is you add water to the bottom of the container and wait for the pellets to soak it up. Then you put the seeds in the middle and voila, just wait for them to sprout!

While we were waiting for the pellets to soak we started the strawberry kit which was alot of fun. You start with a brick of coconut fiber, add water to it, and watch it expand. When it has completely soaked you scoop the “dirt” into the pot, plant the strawberry plants, and again you are done! I’m telling you, it’s like Gardening For Dummies!

By April 7th we already had germination! About 1/2 of the sprouts started to show from everything but the strawberry plant. Anyone know how long that is suppose to take? Packet “R” of the tomato seeds were the first to sprout but Packet “S” wasn’t too far behind.

By April 10th all of the tomato seeds that were going to germinate had done so. Out of 64 pellets for tomatoes planted (with a seed each) I think we only had one seed from each packet not germinate. We are still keeping an eye on them though just in case. Pretty good odds if you ask me! The Tomatosphere site says you get 70 seeds but we only got 67 (the cat ate three that Lil Man dropped).

Lil Man’s plant sprouted on the same day as the others so we had all kinds of greenery around here! The site says that you transplant the seedlings at around six weeks but ours are already too tall and the roots are too long to be in just the peat pellets. So Today we planted all of the “R” and “S” seedlings and their pellets in seperate large containers (to keep inside).

We also began digging a shallow trench in our back yard along the house to plant the Marigolds, Blue Boys, and a variety mix that I have in a few days. Our back yard is nothing but sand, some weeds, and an indentation where we’re guessing a pool use to be so we have alot of work to do on it. The little guy thought he was being a help by putting all of the pellets together that were left after we transplanted the tomatoes. Now we don’t know our Blue Boys from our Marigolds from our Spinach. This should be interesting!

I think the best parts so far are hearing Lil Man tell people that we are growing Martian tomatoes (I can not wait until he sees GREEN tomatoes starting! FUNNN!!!) and the joy and relief on the older two kids’ faces from knowing that WE are actually growing something.
I can’t get the Flickr plugin to work so I can add pics to this post but you can see the whole set HERE.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Why Sona Creidhe?

I know it looks funny but I swear it makes sense once I explain.

The words “sona” and “creidhe” are from the Scots Gaelic language. “Sona” means happy and “Creidhe” means Heart so put together it roughly translates to “Happy Heart”.

I say roughly because in Scots Gaelic it might read as creidhe sona for all I know. I couldn’t get a solid answer on it so bear with me here.

So we are pretty much "Happy Hearts Homeschool/Academy" and I like to say our motto is…

Exploring our world with “happy hearts” and open minds.

Of course, the kids think it's cheesy and hate when I do that so shhhhhhh, don't tell.