Thursday, July 26, 2007

Finally, A Field Trip!!

Last week we finally went on our first field trip in a long time. Unfortunately, my health puts quite a damper on things pretty regularly but when we were offered the chance to attend with our new homeschool group I didn't care how I felt, we were going!

The group down here is small but very nice. I met several really nice women and my kids even made a few friends as well. Sis made lots of friends actually and they've all been calling each other ever since. Big B was the only person his age there but luckily we had a teen girl for a tour guide so they at least had music they could talk about. Lil Man made a new little girlfriend and all of us thought it was so cute watching them walk around holding hands. Yes, at the age of almost 5 he is already a ladie's man. I'm in trouble!

Our field trip was to a place called Wildlife West in Edgewood. Wildlife West is a wildlife preserve and "enhanced zoo," that is nonprofit and run completely by volunteers. The best part is that most of their volunteers are kids under the age of 18! It's great to see all that these kids have built and done with their own two hands.

Our tour guide, Karrie, was very good and did a wonderful job telling everyone about the animals. The kids got to see mountain lions, a black bear, birds of prey, and lots more. After we ate lunch in the pavillion the kids were taken on a tractor ride around the property and then it was time to go.

All in all we were there for about three hours and between the intense heat of the day and all the walking I was one wiped out mama by the time we were finished. I was quite proud of my older two kids because thanks to their time at the Wildlife Sanctuary they were able to help the tour guide with even more info on the birds.

The lady who leads the homeschool group and I have been talking and I think we're probably going to be able to come up with alot of future plans for this group like a Teen Group, field trips, tours, swimming dates, and all kinds of good stuff. I look forward to helping Theresa make this a great group and with all the great moms I met last week, I think that will be very easy.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Yes, No, Maybe?

Over the last few weeks the kids and myself have been considering whether or not we want to continue with homeschooling for another year. So many ideas and plans for last year that just never came to fruitation. Can I really give these kids what they need when I'm the only parent in the house who is for homeschooling? Am I helping or hurting these kids by having them learn at home? Should someone like me even be doing this?

So many questions with so many answers but of course, never the right one.

Big B wants to continue homeschooling so he can do the Dual Program at the college and still have his freedom. The only problem is that Big B wants to play football and that isn't going to happen unless he is in public school. :( As he put it "So I can go play football and get a crappy education or I can not play football and get a good one?" and he is pretty much right. Playing football is his dream though and I don't want to see him lose that. I'm a perfect example of what happens to a person when they give up on dreams and life in general. I want more for my kids.

Sis still just can't understand that if she goes back to public school she most likely won't be in the 7th grade. She fiddled around all year and truly learned next to nothing (even on an unschooling level she picked nothing up) so now if she wants to start junior high next month she's going to have to work for it. Over a year's worth of learning in less than a month. Of course, the only reason she wants to go to public school is because all her "friends" (I put that in quotes because they're actually spoiled, rude, and bitchy) on our block are PS kids. What she's not getting is that she won't be in class with any of them and going back just to hang out really isn't going to work.

I feel like my daughter has just already given up and if I try to help her she fights me and then all we do is fight. Definately not the relationship I wanted to have.

MonkeyBoy is excited to be starting "Kindergarten" this year. If he was in public school he would still be a preschooler because his birthday is in November but I printed up several "What Your Preschooler Should Know" type lists and he has covered everything on them so there's no sense in doing it for another year. He's the only one of the three that I feel like I won't screw up if I homeschool him. I guess it's just because I can start from the beginning with him whereas the other two were in 4th and 9th grade when we started.

So that's it for us right now. Just trying to decide what we're doing and figuring out the new "year". I do know that if we homeschool again this year we will do better and have more fun than in the past. Me being sick is no excuse and I really need to learn to adapt.