Saturday, July 12, 2008

A to Z- Some A Me

I posted this meme at Life With Heathens but I figured I would share it with my homeschooling friends too. Of course, I had to clean up the language some in order to post it here...*snicker*


Accent: I honestly don't have one. I moved so often before the age of 18 that I never had enough time to pick one up.

Breakfast or no breakfast: most times I'm a no breakfast gal but some mornings I'm just a hungry witch.

Chore I don’t care for: All of them? I am an equal opportunity chore hater- I hate them all equally. *smile*

Dog or Cat: We've got three cats so I should say cat so I at least look loyal.

Essential Electronics: Computer definitely computer

Favorite Cologne: Don't have one

Gold or Silver: Both. It's all about the bling, color ain't no thang! *snort*

Handbag I carry most often: This bohemoth black leather thing

Insomnia: I gots it

Job Title: Domestic Engineer, Professional Product Reviewer, Toy Expert, anything that makes me sound more important than I really am.

Kids: Well when a man and a woman love each other... oh you mean how many do I have? Three heathens. Do you want me to finish the reproduction lesson still?

Living Arrangements: All I know is that a large hairy guy walks around my house between the hours of 8-11am and 8-10pm so I guess we have a living arrangement of sorts. He pays a large portion of the bills and sometimes I show him a little leg. *wink wink*

Most Admirable Trait: I'd rather laugh than cry?

Naughtiest Childhood Behavior: Getting drunk for the first time at age 11 probably wasn't a good girl thing was it?

Overnight hospital stays: Thanks to this disorder and cancer, more than I care to remember.

Phobias: heights, deep water, one of my kids dying, claustrophobia

Quote: "Your ass!"

Reason to smile: My kids

Siblings: I refuse to claim them!!! You can't make me!!

Time I wake up: Usually around 8am unless I'm sick and then it's 10am

Unusual Talent or Skill: I'd teach ya but I'd have to charge. *snicker* Okay so I really have no clue.

Vegetable I Refuse to Eat: Sweet Potatoes

Worst Habit: It's a tie between biting my nails and drinking a 2ltr of soda a day.

X-rays: Yeah, see the "Hospital Stays" answer

Yummy Stuff: Cheesecake. It's the nectar of the Gods I tell you!!

Zoo Animal I Like Most: Hmmmm I'd say the hippo because she knows her butt is big and she's okay with that. She's an inspiration to us all... let your butt expand and you too can spend all day in the pool!

So who else is going to give this a try huh? If you don't you're a big ol' WUSSY! That's right, I said it...WOO-say! Oh geez, now I'm channeling Mrs. Fussypants. ahaha