Sunday, March 1, 2009

And Then There Was One

I know it has been a very long time since I've posted and I guess that's because I never had much to say that I felt was exciting. At the time I stopped posting I was also reading other homeschool blogs that made everything sound so wonderful and fun. It made me feel a little lacking if that makes sense.

Obviously it wasn't the fault of the other blogs but my own problem. Also I was having alot of problems with homeschooling my oldest two kids for quite awhile and it was hard to accept that maybe homeschooling them was a mistake. :(

No matter what I tried I couldn't motivate them to want to learn anything and believe me, I tried just about everything! Finally I had to choose either to keep making myself sick by riding their butts all the time or let go and make them accept some responsibility for whether or not they learn too. Well it ended up that they didn't care either and that left us at an impasse.

In the end I made Big B take over his own schooling and placing whether or not he succeeds on him alone. Now he does the work and pushes himself while my role has become making sure he gets the books and materials he needs, taking him to things, encouraging him, and helping him get ready for college. He has come to realize that he really screwed up by not doing his best over the years and has hopefully pulled his head out now.

Every single day of schoolwork with Sis was a nightmare and it was making me physically sick. I just couldn't do it anymore and even begging, pleading, and crying wasn't working. Finally I told her that she too was on her own for the rest of this year. I would help her when she put forth effort, get the materials she needed, and do whatever I could to help but I wasn't taking the blame anymore. Unfortunately she still refuses to do anything at all and we have made the decision that she will be starting public high school in August. Until then all I can do is keep trying to get her to care more about her education.

MonkeyBoy on the other hand is flourishing and learning so much it's unreal. He loves every subject and enjoys the fun ways I've come up with to teach him. Math is fun, Science is "cool" (with help from Magic School Bus), Social Studies is "awesome" thanks to Time Warp Trio and Magic Tree House, he would rather be read to than read himself but he's catching on, writing seems to be more fun to him lately. He even sat through a documentary Hubby and I were watching today on JFK which shocked me. I kept expecting MonkeyBoy to get bored and go play but instead he asked questions about Lee Harvey Oswald, why he shot JFK, and even "The Grassy Knoll". It was really cute and so like him to do something unexpected like that plus fun to hear what things interested him. :)

So right now where we stand is that Big B is starting at UNM in the Fall, Sis is starting public High School in August, and MonkeyBoy will continue homeschooling as he is thriving at it. In the meantime I will be trying very hard to not blame myself for things not turning out the way I had hoped they would. Wish me luck! lol