Friday, July 10, 2009

Homeschooling Plans

This year is going to be a little weird for me because I will only be homeschooling my youngest son, MonkeyBoy, instead of all three heathens like usual. Big B has started college and Sis is going to a snazzy new charter school so while I will miss them at home, I really hope they both enjoy their new schools.

So with that, here is what I plan to do with MonkeyBoy but I reserve the right to vary from this list whenever I feel like it. LOL. One never knows what will catch the attention of my little ADHD child so I'm going to go with the flow whenever he wants to.

Plans For 2009-2010

Reading- I purchased a subscription to Click N' Read through Homeschoolbuyers Co-op that we have been using and will continue to use. So far it seems to be working really well and hopefully will continue to. I have also downloaded several File Folder Games that teach reading and we'll also practice during our nightly bedtime stories.

Writing- Since first learning about Copywork I have enjoyed implementing it in our homeschooling. With MonkeyBoy I plan on using several different sources for his Copywork including downloads, Beginning Reader books, his Ranger Rick magazines, and whatever else we find interesting. He will also be starting a Spelling List this year beginning with two letter words and working his way up from there.

Math- Oral addition and subtraction problems as we've been doing (the kid loves to walk around the house doing Math problems for some reason), learning about and counting money, File Folder Games I've downloaded, and a computer program I picked up.

Geography/History- We'll do Lapbooks about different countries and history, read books including the Magic Tree House series again, the Time Warp Trio books and show, do some map recognition, and the Highlights Top Secret Adventures packs we get.

Science- The local Explora museum is offering 14 weeks worth of classes starting in August so MB will be going to class once a week. I think it's a great opportunity for him to be in a class with other children his age and have another teacher besides Mommy for an hour a week. We will also be doing a Nature Journal, photo journaling our finds, doing Lapbooks on various subjects, and watch shows on National Geographic channel and Animal Planet.

This year we are also buying a microscope so we can study the various ecosystems in our area which should be a lot of fun and I hope to have MB do the homeschool version of Hogwarts School that so many friends have enjoyed with their kids.

Art- We will study several artists ending each lesson with MB doing his own version of their art, he will take a few classes at the local Art Gallery, we'll make several trips to the Albuquerque Art Museum, do a few Lapbooks, and also various crafts (such as a Toad House, stepping stones, pet rocks, etc).

Music- He'll study composers and music by listening, reading, and doing Lapbooks on them. His favorite thing in the world is Phantom of the Opera so we will probably do a Lapbook for that to make him happy. We'll also watch a few musicals and he would like to learn to play the keyboard this year.

Physical Education- He plans on joining Teeball again this fall, we take walks to our community park, exercise in the backyard, and might looking into putting him into another activity in between playing ball.

Extra- I'm going to look into Roots & Shoots for him and find badges he can earn for learning certain skills. As a family we don't agree with groups like Boy Scouts so putting him in that is out of the question. I also hope we can go on tons of Field Trips all over the place this year.

Friday, July 3, 2009

School News For All Three

Well as of yesterday Big B is a student at UNM here in New Mexico. I can't believe my boy is a college student already. *sigh* At this point he is going to start towards his degree in Geothermal/Earth Resources Engineering but will have to actually finish that degree at another university since it's not offered here. There are several colleges in the States and overseas that offer the degree so he has some wonderful options. I'm really excited for him and it's nice to see him so excited about something as well.

Sis will be starting high school at a new charter school we have that not only covers basic academics but also focuses on the Arts. She'll be able to work at her own pace on a specialized program designed just for her. I absolutely LOVE that! Sis will also have the option of taking classes like Web Design, Digital Photography, Sculpture, Oil Painting, and so on. I can't wait to see what classes she chooses for herself.

The school is also new with only 125 students in grades 7th-9th so I think it's a good way for her to transition from homeschool to a more public form of schooling. I am just so much happier with this option than the public school one for the coming years. Anyone who knows me knows I'm not a pub-school hater but I am definitely a New Mexico public education hater! haha.

MonkeyBoy will be my only homeschooler this year and I'm really excited for this year. MBoy LOVES to learn and soaks up everything like a sponge so it should be an awesome adventure. I can't even say what "grade" he is going into because he's spanned across three grades right now. I love that about homeschooling!

I'm going to do a separate post on our plans for him this year so I don't make this post overly long.

So all three kids are taking their own special paths this fall when it comes to learning and I'm really very happy for them. Even though I will only still be homeschooling MonkeyBoy I plan on posting updates on all three kids on here so keep looking to check on the heathens' edjumakasion. LOL

Big B also recently got his latest 24 hour urine test results back and I posted about it on our medical blog- HERE. Feel free to read as it's pretty good news.